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Travel with a chronic health condition like CF can sometimes be challenging. There are plenty of things to consider and at the top of the list is travel insurance.

Because not all countries have Reciprocal Health Care Arrangements (RCHS) with Australia, and RHCAs don’t always cover everything that may be needed medically, it is important you are covered through travel insurance when travelling internationally.

It can be difficult to get coverage for a pre-existing health condition, so you may need to work with your specialist team and apply for more than one at a time. It is worthwhile applying for cover with different companies simultaneously to avoid declaring a rejection.

The Insurance Council of Australia is very helpful and will work to assist you if you have questions about gaining travel insurance with a pre-existing health condition. The National Bureau of Insurance Brokers Association is also a good place to help find an insurer that will cover you.

Some credit cards also provide insurance if you pay for your trip using the card.

Understanding insurance

When you are researching insurance you’ll need to confirm what is covered, what is excluded, and how you notify the company of pre-existing conditions.

Understanding insurance is a website has been produced by the insurance industry to increase transparency.

Lawyers can also provide advice on the fine print in travel insurance documents. For example, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers offers a free telephone service on 1800 810 812 for people with a chronic condition who are wanting advice about accessing travel insurance.

Berrill Watson may be able to assist with the fine print on travel insurance.

Is insurance compulsory?

No. Some people choose not to get travel insurance, instead ensuring they have enough money for a flight home should they become sick. This is not a fail safe option, but still an option. The concern is that you will become too unwell to travel home.

Listed below are companies that have previously insured people with CF:

INSUREANDGOSouthern Cross Travel InsuranceAllClear Travel InsuranceCover More Travel InsuranceNRMAMedibankQBEHCFCQU1coverAussie Travel coverColumbus directQBE Travel insuranceRACV Travel InsuranceVero InsuranceWorldcare travel insurance

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