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 “I love just being a dad”— Murray on his path to parenthood

For CFStrong, Murray shares his path to parenthood post transplant, including IVF, and how he and his partner worked together to build their family.

So I think growing up with CF, I was always under the impression that CFs couldn't have kids or especially weren't able to have kids, it was just the understanding and I think it was like almost like an unspoken thing. Obviously no one really likes to talk about that side of it, especially when you're young… but I think over time, you start to hear other people have had kids or you start to see, so you think, oh, it's possible. But for me, I always thought, oh wouldn't it be great to have kids, but I've got CF so it may not happen.

So again, my thought process is always probably a positive one. But I think for us, we just discussed around, you know, are we in a position to do this? Like if we had to obviously go down the IVF route, so you know, are we in a position financially to do this? And then what happens if something happens to me? So a lot of discussions.

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