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“Don’t be hard on yourself”— Mike on relationships and CF

For CFStrong, Mike shares his experience of navigating relationships—with partners, family, friends—with CF, including how he approaches talking about CF and dealing of feelings of missing out.

When it comes to relationships, I was always, right from day one, I was always just honest. I always just thought that was the best way to approach it. So I never tried to hide it or, you know, do anything deceitful as it were. I just used to be open and just say, "You know, I have CF. This is kind of what that is. This is what I have to do to keep myself well.”

I think, if nothing else, going to a psychologist is... The way I've always looked at it is, they're not necessarily there to fix all your problems, but they're an impartial third party that looks at things in a different way to your friends and your family look at it, and they can give you perspective. That's the way I've always used psychologists, and it's been extremely helpful to me.

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